Frankenmuth FUdge Kitchen - Wedding FavorsLet Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen make the perfect wedding favor for all your guests.  We take our delicious homemade fudge, slice it into 2X2 inch squares and then give you a variety of options to personalize your special gift.  You can create a chocolate lovers dream by having your fudge enrobed with our delectable milk chocolate, you can have your favor completely coordinated with your wedding décor by having us pipe on colored chocolate to match your wedding design and color palette.  We will also personalize your gift by applying a customized label before wrapping each box in a bow.  Our fudge contains less than one gram of fat per serving, allowing you to gift a beautiful confectionary treat without the guilt.  Our fudge will stay fresh for weeks and it will not melt.  There is no need to worry about your gift getting stale or dry.   You will be doing yourself a favor by taking the worry out of your party favor.

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