Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fudge Storing Questions

Q: What is the shelf life for fudge?

A: Fudge will last for around 2 to 3 weeks wrapped up on your counter. If you are looking to keep it for any longer, wrap it up the best you can & place it in your freezer. It will then stay good for 6 months to a year! Note: Never refrigerate fudge, it will dry out fast.

Q: How Do I store fudge?

A: Storing Fudge @ Room Temp: The key to fudge is keeping the moisture in the fudge. To do this keep your fudge in wrapped in the wax paper/saran wrap that it came with. Beyond that you could place it in a zip lock bag or even heat seal it in a bag.

A: Storing Fudge in the Freezer: You want to prevent freezer burn and make sure all moisture is locked in tight. To do this make sure each piece of fudge is wrapped individually in saran wrap. Then place all fudge in a zip lock bag making sure to force most of the air out before sealing. Double bagging the fudge is recommended.

Q: How Do I Thaw the Fudge Out?

A: Thawing your fudge out will take a full day. Just unwrap your fudge completely and place on your counter to thaw out. Once it is thawed out completely make sure you wrap it back up in either wax paper, saran wrap or place in a zip lock bag.


Shipping Questions

Q: When Will I Receive My Products?

A: For all domestic we use the UPS SurePost. Once we process your order and create a shipping label you will be notified by e-mail what your tracking number is. Once UPS picks up and processes your order valid tracking information will be available. Generally speaking orders in the continental US usually arrive within 4 business days.

Note: UPS picks up packages around 2 PM eastern time. If you need it to be sent out the same day please call us at 989-652-6981 and we will do our best to package & get it sent out.

Q: What Days Do You Ship?

A: We ship orders Monday through Friday.

Q: Why Is Nothing Showing Up On My Tracking #?

A: In most cases this happens because USPS has not scanned the order into their system yet. If it has been several days and you still do not have tracking information please give us a call at 989-652-6981 and we would be happy to look at it on our end.

Q: Where Is My International Shipment?

A: Unfortunately international shipments have a lot of variables that we cannot control. Every package has to be inspected as it enters a new country. Shipping times can be unpredictable but you will have a tracking number that should give you a good indicator on a time-line. Please keep in mind that in some cases USPS First Class Mail is available to try to offer a lower shipping price. This is a cheaper shipping method but also can add to the shipping date.


Coupon Questions

Q: I opened my e-mail too late & the coupon code has expired? Can I still redeem it?

A: Some exceptions can be made. Shoot us an e-mail at and we will see what we can do for you.

Q: Can I redeem my coupon code by calling in and placing my order over the phone?

A: If you are more comfortable placing your order over the phone we can definitely help you out with that. Coupon codes can be applied to phone orders as well, but cannot be redeemed on in-store purchases unless stated on the coupon.