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Fun Facts

  • Our Fudge will not melt!! Yes, even if you leave it in your car on a one hundred degree day, because Frankenmuth Fudge is cooked so high it won't melt unless it hits a high temperature. That's why if you leave our fudge in your car on a hot summer day it will not melt. It may get soft but once it is introduced to a cooler temperature it will harden right back up.
  • How much Fudge do we make in a year? We can tell you off the top of our heads we make in the hundreds of tons of Fudge every calendar year.
  • How much Fat is in Fudge? Since we at Frankenmuth Fudge do not use any margarine or heavy cream our fudge stays under 1 gram of Fat per slice. We challenge anyone to beat that!
  • Why do you use marble slabs to make fudge on? We use marble because it is a naturally cool stone. Marble is a miracle worker when it comes to dispersing heat. It will take the heat of the fudge which lays in the middle of the table and disperse it throughout the stone keeping the whole slab the same temperature. This allows our fudge to cool very evenly and gives us the best product. If we were to use granite, wood, or stainless steel it would trap the heat in the middle and not allow for even cooling.
  • Why do you cook in a copper kettle? Copper is in the same realm as our marble. Copper is one of the best conductors of heat. It will take the heat which is directly firing on the bottom of the kettle and heat the kettle evenly all around. This gives our fudge a great cook and helps to keep our product at its best!
  • What was the first batch that was ever made at the Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen. With our owner starting his first fudge shop in 1964 in Sault Ste Marie, he was starting and perfecting at the same time. This created an almost scientific like experimentation stage. While losing his fair share of first batches, he finally got his first batch to set..... a Maple. Little did he know it would be the start of something so great!
  • Chocolate make you happy. It's true! Chocolate releases endorphins in your brain that induce euphoria(a.k.a. makes you super happy!)
  • Fudge being low fat, must be super high in calories? This is false! Our fudge has fewer calories than a hamburger and fries!! So enjoy our fudge and rest easy!
  • Chocolate is an American Pastime! Believe it or not, Americans eat nearly half of the worlds yearly supply of chocolate.
  • Fudge can get you out of trouble. Guys who are in trouble with their girlfriends often can patch things up with a few slices of Frankenmuth Fudge! (We mail anywhere guys!)
  • Dark Chocolate is good for you. Dark Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which help boost your immune system.
  • Chocolate eaters live longer. A study of 7,841 Harvard male graduates found that chocolate eaters live almost a year longer than those who do not!