Holiday Gift Guide

Our world is becoming more fast paced with no signs of slowing down. Family time is so important and quality family time is crucial. Holiday times are a great way to spend some time with your family and relive those treasured family traditions. The Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen has been an ongoing family tradition for over 50 years. The same kettles, marble tables and familiar faces welcoming you to try some delicious fudge, is an amazing weekend to spend with your family. Watching grandkids trying fudge for the first time where your own children tried their first fudge, are memories that you can’t beat. Quality products you can trust, local Michigan artisans and friendly faces make The Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen your family tradition destination.

We know it can be difficult to make your rounds to see everyone during the holiday season. Here is a guide to help you show your love!


Whether they have everything and trying to find something that they don’t already have or have thought of, or the pickiest eaters on the planet we offer safe choices to delight even the hardest to shop for people.


Kids these days! 😊 All kidding aside, Kids can be very difficult to shop for. By not wanting to overwhelm parents with a bunch of toys and wanting to give the best gift you can imagine, think Fudge! Our most popular flavors for those under 18 are...


What’s nuttier than family? Our fudge! :P But seriously, sometimes you just feel like a nut but don’t fear, these flavors are full of them!


Can’t have sugar or watching your sugar intake? Not to worry, we have Sugar Free Fudge. The holidays can be so hard when you’re trying to be good but now you don’t have to watch everyone else enjoy Christmas goodies and feel left out anymore!


With life being more and more complicated, sometimes simple is better! Our long-standing Traditional flavors have earned the title of Classics through our 50 years of business.


Buy 3 Get 4th Free Fudge Special

All our fudge is backed by our everyday Buy 3 Get 1 Free Fudge Special. To redeem your free piece just make sure you add 4 to your cart, and the price of your 4th piece will automatically be deducted. This is true for as many fudge specials as you want to place in your cart.

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Order Now, Ship It Later

If you want to get your Holiday Shopping out of the way early but don’t want it to be shipped until a later time, then just click on Choose Your Shipping Date while in your cart. From there you can choose the week you would like it sent out on. Keep in mind the date you select will be the date we ship it, not the date they will receive it.

Choose Your Shipping Date

How Can I Track My Packages?

Every step of the way you will be notified with e-mails on where your package is at. From placing your order all the way to the delivery of your package. Your E-mails will include the tracking number so you can see exactly where your packages are at.


If you need assistance, please call our Holiday Order Department at 248-710-2830 or e-mail us at We are here to help every step of the way!