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Dark Sea Salt Caramel Fudge
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Michigan's Best Fudge Ordered by 70,000 Last Year
Testimonial: Wonderful stop with amazing people! The shop itself is like stepping back in time, or off of the boat onto Mackinac Island. The smells are amazing, and sampling is available. The fudge is freshly made right in front of you.  The best thing about this establishment though... it's run by folks from a time that still values customer service!  Place an order by phone or online and receive your fresh, custom packed, fudge in only a day or two.  Would definitely recommend!
Testimonial: Delicious!  We used to go to Frankenmuth when I was a little girl and I have wonderful memories of fudge.  We've long since moved away (NM) and I wanted to get a gift for my mom to bring back some of those old memories-we're both enjoying this awesome fudge. It shipped quickly and safely.
Testimonial: (Vegan reviewer) They have VEGAN fudge - in multiple flavors! This is by far the BEST place to get your fudge in Frankenmuth. We were helped by Angie and Abbey today and they were not only super friendly, but also knowledgeable and just plain great at their jobs! Did the buy three get one free deal. We will definitely be back!
Testimonial: I ordered the peanut butter fudge and was so happy with the product. I have not had fudge many times in my life so I was excited to try some and especially a good flavor like peanut butter. When I received the package in the mail I opened it quickly and couldn’t wait to take a bite. Once that flavor hit my tongue I was overcome with joy. The soft texture was also very pleasant and made it easy to chew. Overall my experience was very nice and I would definitely purchase again as well as recommend this fudge to anybody who is thinking about it.
Testimonial: Perhaps the best fudge I've ever had.  What more can I say?  I'd offer to share some so you could taste it yourself, but it's all gone. You'll just have to try it on your own.
Testimonial: I have purchased fudge in person at your awesome store and online.  The fudge is delicious!  My family thinks it’s the best they’ve ever had.  Your customer service is awesome.  You give a great personal touch online and a small town feeling on the store!  Lastly, fast shipping.  Thank you so much!


Since 1964, Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen has been a pioneer in crafting Michigan's finest gourmet fudge. Our commitment to quality begins with the careful heating of premium, all-natural ingredients to precisely 240 degrees in our traditional copper kettles. This meticulous process ensures the creation of homemade fudge that delights the taste buds. The journey continues as we pour the molten fudge onto a robust marble slab, allowing for an even cooling process. During this crucial stage, we expertly blend the fudge as it gradually cools, harmonizing all the sugars to achieve a lusciously smooth and creamy consistency. As the fudge begins to solidify, our skilled artisans sculpt it into an impressive 25-pound loaf of Frankenmuth Fudge. Recognizing that not everyone has the luxury of counter space for such a grand portion, we make it convenient for you by delicately slicing the loaf into 50 individual pieces. Each piece represents a delectable sample of our premium fudge variety—offering you a diverse range of flavors to savor. Packaged with care, these bite-sized delights are ready for you and your family to indulge in the pure, smooth, and delicious experience that defines Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen's legacy.